Jun 25, 2020

Best Practices

Sensitive Data Security

Written by Nathan Johnston, Chief Technology Officer

Many companies handle sensitive financial data as an everyday part of doing business. Whether credit card data, customer information, or other forms of sensitive data, it’s important that this information is protected from misuse. Companies need to consider the security implications of receiving, storing, and utilizing this data. The PCI standard used to protect credit card data can be a valuable guideline for securing many types of sensitive data.

The PCI Standards Council has defined a prioritized approach that includes six milestones to help companies secure their critical information assets:

  • Remove sensitive authentication data and limit data retention
  • Protect systems and networks
  • Secure payment card applications
  • Monitor and control access to your systems
  • Protect stored cardholder data
  • Finalize remaining compliance efforts

Although specifically focused on securing cardholder data, these steps can be used a general basis for evaluating the security of many kinds of sensitive content. In current security environments, it is more important than ever to secure applications and data while creating dedicated initiatives to address the security of critical information. Companies should engage with trusted security and technology partners to assist in ensuring their security initiatives are structured to meet the challenge of current threats and risks.

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