Jul 29, 2021

Business Insights

Simplify IT

Written by Nathan Johnston, Chief Technology Officer

Technology is ever-evolving. New technologies and products enter the market daily. The marketing teams for those companies will tell you that their product will make your business faster, more reliable, and profitable. But no matter how good that new shiny tool is, the complexity of the implementation, integration into your existing systems, and the ongoing support and maintenance can quickly reduce the business value you hope can be delivered.

Before you dive into the next new thing, you should consider whether you can leverage existing capabilities within your technology environment. Don’t take on the complexity of new system implementation unless you can define in measurable terms what business value will be delivered and in what timeframe.

Using existing capabilities may allow you to maintain a smaller set of technologies and tools and keep your technology environment simpler and easier to maintain.

When you consider a new technology that meets your business objectives, ask whether this technology implementation will simplify your business processes, technology footprint, or maintenance costs. In some cases moving workloads to the cloud can help reduce these costs when done correctly and result in a more streamlined and simpler technology environment. Any new technology tool or system increases your technology environment’s complexity. Ensure that this added complexity is offset by increased business value that meets your objectives.

Overall, make technology choices that simplify your business process, technology footprint, and the maintenance required to operate your business.

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