Aug 29th, 2019

Feature Article


  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Our flexibility allows us to deliver superior results.

Our clients have always been and forever will be our greatest asset. Through more than 27-years of custom software development, we’ve learned that listening to our customers is vital to providing truly value-driven solutions.

Flexibility is where many of our competitors fall short. At Clientek, flexibility is engrained in everything we do.

One of our clients, a global manufacturer, was looking to build a custom centralized system to manage inventory and forecasting across their network of 11 manufacturing facilities. Our initial 6-month proposal was met with hesitancy due to external factors they feared could cause difficulties in project funding and requirements.

We reminded our client that we design projects to be completed incrementally. Our agile methodology breaks work into 2-week sprints and our cost structure mimics the work we complete; charging on a per sprint basis. Furthermore, we allow our clients to pause project work at the end of any given sprint with no additional fees.

Breaking down work into smaller increments allows us to target development in a dynamic manner. The highest value item at the beginning of a project may differ greatly from one 6 weeks down the road.

This flexibility assures that we consistently deliver value while providing our clients with the ability to shift focus as requirements may change throughout the project lifecycle.

Work began within a week following this discussion. Luckily, external factors did not force our client to pause development. However, they did manipulate a large majority of project requirements. Now successfully deployed across all 11 facilities, our flexible approach allowed us to develop this solution amid the threatening external factors.

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