Nov 29th, 2019

Looking Toward 2020

Part One

  Written by: Kirk Hoaglund, Chief Executive Officer

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For Clientek and for many of our clients, 2019 was a turbulent year. Especially the first half of the year. Market uncertainties affected supply, demand, pricing, availability, and timing. We saw projects paused, slowed, or curtailed nearly across the board. It was a year that tested our agility and adaptability.

We see signs of the pent-up demand releasing. Paused projects are resuming while many of the any-day-now projects are starting. Fourth quarter has roared in. Over our 27 years, this has been a consistent pattern. As our clients adapt to uncertain market conditions, they accumulate needs. Innovation remains important but pulling the trigger on those projects waits for a better market atmosphere.

In this last six weeks of the year I like to look over the year, discover things we did well, and remember things we should have done better – even more important in 2019 because I think 2020 will be a wild year. Wild in a good way, with the release of pent-up demand; and wild in a not-so-good way with the uncertainties that always proceed that magic day in November.

We did well in 2019 sticking to our core strengths in agility and adaptability. We kept both ears listening and both eyes watching, paying close attention to our clients’ needs. We worked well to help them solve problems quickly and economically. We found ways to shorten projects while providing most of the planned value. We improved our efficiency, keeping costs low without sacrificing quality. I am proud of how our teams worked.

We struggled to respond to pricing pressure. We were able to get our feet under us on this by year-end, but it was difficult and still needs work. Finding talent remains a challenge that we need to address.

What will we do in 2020 to remain relevant, competitive, and delivering innovation to our clients? Stay tuned for Part Two.

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