Jan 30th, 2020

Feature Article

Regain Control.

  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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It’s yours for the taking.

Over the last 27 years we’ve helped countless organizations in the manufacturing and distribution space solve their most crucial business problems.

A large local manufacturer began experiencing complications due to unforecasted growth – putting an incredible amount of strain on their existing Material Resource Planning (MRP) structure.

Initially, they began noticing material shortages throughout manufacturing operations. This quickly led to missed production numbers and a high volume of expedited orders to their suppliers.

Material procurement, tracking, and inventories were all being managed via a portfolio of manually updated spreadsheets. Inconsistencies in this data made forecasting nearly impossible and drove leadership to look to Clientek for a customized solution.

We quickly got to work, analyzing their existing structure and developing a roadmap for a custom web application to manage MRP. This custom-built web application automated all the manual processes related to procurement, tracking, and forecasting of materials. We also designed it with growth in mind. Hosted in Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, our solution provided dependable access to their data alongside future-proof scalability.

Following the implementation of the solution, administrative staff gained a top-down view of all manufacturing operations. This led to significantly more accurate forecasting and material procurement orders, while eliminating errors caused by manual data entry. Production numbers sored and the company felt confident that they could weather future growth comfortably.

As growth consumes process, Clientek is here to help you regain control.

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