Jul 30th, 2020

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  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Coordination by way of integration.

Since our founding in 1992, Clientek has worked with a broad range of clients throughout the professional services industry. While these clients vary greatly in their areas of expertise, most (if not all) share two common needs: greater internal coordination and e-delivery of services and work products.

We’ve become experts in complex system integrations by addressing these real-world needs. As coordination requires consistency and communication, system integrations provide smooth transitions between disparate systems such as a CRM and ERP. Furthermore, the development of custom web and mobile interfaces allows for greater access and usability.

For a major U.S. professional services provider, we were asked to build a custom integration engine. The organization was finding it difficult to manage their comprehensive internal suite of customer-facing applications while juggling a broad range of third-party external informational feeds.

We broke down all necessary components, developing an architecture plan and project roadmap. Through minor modifications to existing applications, we were able to coordinate internal and external data feeds and integrate them into a single repository.

Careful adherence to compliance and regulation standards meant our solution not only provided the expected value, but also maintained security. We delivered the solution incrementally, which allowed us to avoid any disruption to their customers or internal teams.

Following this engagement our client significantly increased coordination of data and informational feeds, while maintaining all previously established e-delivery services.

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