Aug 13th, 2021

Process Before Tech

Part 2: The Process

  Written by: Dino DeAntoni, Director of Technology

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At the beginning of any engagement, we work closely with our business stakeholders to perform what we call a “Deep Dive”. During this discussion we dive deeper into their existing business processes and develop an initial visual model of their current state. This “As-Is” definition helps us understand the current capabilities and their maturation in terms of efficiency and control. We then work with the client to identify and further understand any duplicate or inefficient processes. Often, we find that there are invisible variances in processes that are assumed to be duplicate or inefficient.

At this point, the project’s opportunities are uncovered alongside the desired capabilities that form an ideal end-state process. Moreover, the stakeholders, objectives, and processes to achieve that value are identified.

Next, we identify where process intersects with technology to facilitate the desired outcome. Together with the client, we select processes for validation before tackling technology enablement. Identifying where to implement non-technology-based solutions allows us to mitigate risks on a project by validating assumptions before the investment of technology. Non-technology-based solutions allow for the identification of existing processes or unintended processes that develop due to a shortfall in definition in the desired end-state.

The evolution of the technology enablement will be illustrated in Part 3 of this series. More to come!

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