Jul 28th, 2022

Business Insights

The Innovative Process

  Written by: Marcus Chaloupek, Delivery Lead

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As I ruminate on innovation, I am naturally drawn to thinking about the groundbreaking technical inventions that have changed our world and how we interact with it. I can’t help it; as someone who is a bit nerdy and embedded in the tech space, it’s just where my mind goes. I do find it interesting, however, that I don’t immediately think of my work here at Clientek. Innovation is at the core of what we do. This led me to ask the question, what truly constitutes innovation?

Solving problems is the essence of innovation. At Clientek, solving problems is second nature. We work closely with our customers to solve their most complex business objectives. We dive deep into analysis and spend meaningful time and effort determining the most suitable solution(s). This approach allows us to craft a solution that not only meets the needs of our clients but also comfortably fits within their existing business flow.

Having professionals with different backgrounds and experiences produces a unique environment for brainstorming solutions. Organizations should never overlook the importance of having a diverse group of people on their team. It opens the door for innovations that may have never been possible without the differing frames of reference. When your team can gleam insights from prior experiences it establishes confidence in the solution being developed.

Alongside our planning prowess and diverse teams, Agile methodologies are what gives us an edge on innovation. By delivering small usable slices of features quickly, our clients can get them in the hands of their users faster. This means quicker test results and ultimately a greater opportunity to ensure the validity of the solution early on. This allows us to adjust regularly and ensure that our solution is catered to the evolving needs of the client.

So, back to my original question, what truly constitutes innovation? Innovation is the ability to quickly develop solutions to real-life problems and implement them in a way that allows for regular testing and revisions. This is, to me, what innovation is all about. Too often we get hung up thinking only about the solution to the problem. While that is certainly part of it, the process of implementing that solution is equally important. What we do at Clientek is innovation, and I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to experience this process, whether its working with us, or with your own internal teams.