Aug 25th, 2022

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  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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A gift from our experiences.

For many youngsters, the last few weeks of August can only mean one thing… the tragic end of summer. For others, however, it is an opportunity to participate in an event that they will likely remember for the rest of their lives – The Little League World Series. This past weekend, I watched 24 kids compete in a pivotal elimination game between Curacao and Italy. While watching the game, I found myself riding an emotional rollercoaster right alongside these kids and was reminded of just how vital baseball has been to my growth as an individual.

I was lucky enough to play baseball throughout my childhood and well into my college career. Growing up, I spent nearly every afternoon and weekend honing my craft. While I am not currently traveling across the country playing baseball in the MLB, the countless hours that I poured into that diamond were well worth it.

The sport of baseball has taught me countless life lessons, all of which have been crucial to my growth as a man and business professional. Here are three of my favorites:

  1. Failure is inevitable
    Statistically, baseball is a sport full of failure. The average batting average in the MLB this season is .243. That means that on average, a professional hitter is only successful 24.3% of the time. More than 75% of the time they fail, and that’s to be expected. We should expect to experience some level of failure in all aspects of our lives. While our “batting average” in the business world may be far higher than .243, it is important that we recognize that failure is just part of the game.

  2. It is bigger than yourself
    Baseball is a team sport. The actions you take over the course of a game directly affect everyone else on your team. Acting selfishly benefits no one, but supporting one another and playing as a cohesive unit, benefits everyone. The same is true within the walls of your office. Business is a team sport.

  3. Never lose hope
    Baseball is a game heavily influenced by the momentum. What works at the beginning of the game is likely to stop working halfway through. Adaptability and regular adjustments are crucial for success. Never lose hope because by the time the next inning rolls around things will have changed. It’s a long game and with persistence, the tides will turn.

Growth is the act or process of increasing, developing, and/or maturing. For business professionals and organizations alike, taking a moment to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from other aspects of our lives can be essential in driving not only success, but growth.

Play ball.

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