Community Partners

Clientek and its people share a common desire to give back. Our continued success is due, in part, to the communities in which we live and we are strongly committed to returning that support in the best ways we can. We are a proud member of the virtual 5% club. You'll find a number of organizations that commit 5% of their earnings to charity. So do we. It's important to us.

We also commit pro bono efforts to several organizations in the form of software development, website development, management assistance, and fund-raising help. You can read more about our non-profit partners below.

The Morton Cure Paralysis Fund

"Clientek is a godsend! They take care of all of our IT needs, enabling us to focus on our mission to cure paralysis. Thanks, Clientek!"

- Peter Morton, Executive Director

The unique, seed-grant model of MCPF helps early ideas become big ideas. That is a great fit with Clientek's culture and mission. We are proud to have supported MCPF for more than 20 years. And counting.

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

"The Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery is grateful for the continued support of Clientek and its employees. Support from Clientek allows us to continue this critical work to prevent child abuse and neglect and create strong, healthy families."

- Jennifer Harrison, Development & Communications Director

Imagine a family in trouble. The youngest have no recourse, no shelter. For any parent, this is impossible to imagine. The many parents at Clientek dedicate our support to those families that need the help.


"Your generosity has been essential to help young people find safe and secure housing, address their physical and mental health needs, and move forward with education and employment."

- Dr. Heather Huseby, Executive Director

We all know that children are our future. To grow, remain healthy, and mature into admirable adults, basic needs must first be met. Join Clientek in helping make that happen.

Joseph’s Coat

"Joseph's Coat is a nonprofit organization that provides clothing and household goods to people who are experiencing hardship. We needed an up-to-date, user-friendly system to accurately manage our information. Clientek generously donated the time and expertise of his staff to build a system that met our requirements. Our budget clearly would not have supported the cost of this project. We are privileged to have Clientek support our mission."

- Cheryl Stern, Executive Director

There are more than 10,000 homeless individuals in Minnesota. One third are children. While Joseph's Coat serves a wider group, imagine the help that can be given to a homeless child in a Minnesota Winter -- with just a Warm Joseph's Coat. Clientek is very proud to help.

American Lung Association

"The Clientek employees represent the very best in corporate philanthropy. They are generous with their time and talent. As an organization, Clientek has generously supported the American Lung Association’s research, education, and advocacy initiatives. Thank you for being a leader in lung health, Clientek!"

- Meghan Miller, Senior Vice President

One in twelve people in the U.S. have asthma. COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States, affecting an estimated 11M lives. Both diseases of the lung are treatable. Imagine the number of people affected when you help out. For Clientek, this is a no-brainer.