Feb 27th, 2020

Feature Article


  Written by: David Stevens, Director of Business Development

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Playing for keeps.

The logistics and transportation space has long been a sweet spot for our services. While our experience plays a big role in that, the industry’s massive growth has created a hunger for innovation.

In today’s logistics, both customers and drivers have ever-growing expectations; many of which are strongly impacted by the readiness and availability of data. Failure to meet these expectations makes retaining customers and drivers incredibly difficult.

For many of our clients, we’ve helped support these retention demands through custom software development.

Starting with a thorough current state analysis, we highlight areas of opportunity within an existing structure and develop a targeted approach to increase retention. Typical solutions include significant integrations with existing systems alongside a customized interface to provide ease of access and use.

While the accessibility of information provides immense value, our solutions are designed with extensibility in mind. The ability for our clients to consistently provide new benefits and features to their valued drivers has had a major impact on retention.

Prioritization of features based on value means we develop the highest-value features first. As more features are delivered, user feedback and analysis become the driving force for future efforts.

Keep your customers in your rolodex and your drivers on the road.

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